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1800Acupuncture.com, hereafter referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our”, is the owner of the 1800Acupuncture.com website and provides access to information for consumers and solutions for licensed acupuncturists and other licensed medical professionals. The following terms of use apply to the use of our website by consumers and by medical professionals. By using this website, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions and agree that they will act as a legal contract between us and you.

Updates to Our Terms and Conditions

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Content Regulation

We have the right to regulate content posted on, stored within, or transmitted through our website and related vehicles. However, we are not obligated to do so. This includes content generated by advertisers, posted by our agents, as well as content generated by our acupuncture partners. However, we do not control or accept any responsibility for user generated content. We make no warranties about the accuracy, efficacy, or legality of any user generated content.

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User Conduct

We are not responsible for the actions or conduct of users of our website. All users are responsible for their own interaction with other users. This includes our medical partners/premium providers.


In some instances, 1800Acupuncture.com assesses fees in relation to the posting, distribution, or sharing of information, such as newsletters and premium acupuncturist listings. You are responsible for paying these fees within a timely manner. Failure to provide payment will result in you being unable to share the information specified, or the service not being provided.

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Our Indemnification

Use of this website indicates that you agree to indemnify and hold 1800Acpuncture.com and our representatives harmless in the event of content that you share being deemed harmful, offensive, or defamatory, and in the event that any activity occurring through your use of a 1800Acupuncture.com account results in any third-party claim, demand, or call for damages. This includes your use of information created by users, and violations of our terms of use. Note that this indemnification extends to attorney’s fees, court costs and other fees incurred by our staff/representatives.

Our Liability

1800Acupuncture.com and our representatives are not liable for any access to, use of, or reliance on our websites or services, content published herein, or services provided by premium partners. We are in no way liable for any transactions arising through the use of our website, such as office visit fees, or service charges.

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Health Disclaimer

We are not doctors. 1800Acpuncture.com and our representatives do not provide medical advice. The content accessed within our website is provided for educational and informational value only. The information on our website should not be considered a recommendation for a specific medical test, the use of a specific medical professional, a particular type of procedure, a specific medical product, or anything more than education/information.

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