About Us

1800Acupuncture.com is a premier solution for those interested in learning more about the health and wellness benefits associated with acupuncture and other modalities within traditional Chinese medicine.

Combining powerful features with a robust directory of licensed acupuncturists across the nation, 1800Acupuncture.com is a must-have resource for both consumers worried about their health and professionals striving to build their patient base.

We provide current, accurate educational information, news, links to medical studies and clinical trials in an effort to help our users achieve better health and a higher quality of life. We also connect our users with reputable acupuncturists, licensed to operate within their geographic area, as well as other related events and resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – enable our users to improve their health through gentle, effective, traditional treatments by providing access to the most current information. We strive to ensure that our users benefit from breaking news and high-quality educational information packaged in an easy-to-consume format to enable better decision making regarding their health. We focus on the advancement of acupuncture and assisting our users to locate medical practitioners in their area, while delivering powerful marketing solutions to our partners.

Our Commitment

At 1800Acupuncture.com, we are committed to accuracy and transparency. We strive to deliver an exemplary user experience and the professionalism today’s consumers deserve and expect. Our acupuncturist members benefit from our commitment to transparency, and our dedication to delivering powerful reach and messaging to enable them to connect with their audience.