Q. How does an acupuncturist qualify for our directory?

A. All acupuncturists must be licensed in order to be listed within our directory. We do not list any medical provider who is not legally authorized to treat patients.


Q. How does 1800Acupuncture.com screen acupuncturists to ensure they are legally allowed to treat patients?

A. All acupuncturists within our directory have supplied proof of licensure, or proof of a minimum of 300 hours of acupuncture training as well as earning their doctorate.


Q. Do acupuncturists pay in order to be included in the 1800Acupuncture directory?

A. Not necessarily. We offer free basic listings, but we also offer paid premium memberships that come with additional features and benefits.


Q.How do I contact one of the acupuncturists listed within the 1800Acupuncture.com directory?

A. You simply need to use the contact information included within the provider’s listing, such as their website link, in order to get in touch with them.


Q. Does my health insurance cover acupuncture?

A. Some insurance providers do cover acupuncture, while others do not. It is also important to make sure that the medical provider you intend to use accepts your insurance before making an appointment.


Q. Can I make an appointment through the 1800Acupuncture.com website?

A. You can make an appointment with premium members, but even free listings connect you to the provider so you can make an appointment or inquire for more information.


Q. Does the 1800Acupuncture.com directory include providers who work with low-income patients?

A. Yes, our directory includes providers who work with patients from all economic backgrounds. However, we recommend that you contact the provider you’re interested in to verify rates.