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As a busy medical professional, you know how challenging it can be to bring in new patients while juggling current patients and reaching out to past patients. We can help. At, we deliver powerful results for our medical partners.

Connect with Your Ideal Audience

One of the most significant challenges our partners face is simply connecting with their ideal audience within the digital environment. Where do you find them? Websites like WebMD, or the Mayo Clinic? Your own website? Social networks like Facebook or Twitter? We offer a central location that the delivers accurate, up to date information that your patients demand, bringing them together in a single online location.

Proven Results Fast

Our goal is to deliver relevant, useful information for patients, while matching them with the right acupuncture practitioners and clinics in their area. To do that, we leverage the immense demand for information concerning traditional medicine, as well as advanced digital technology. The result is outstanding results for our medical partners and their patients.

Benefits for Acupuncture Practitioners and Clinics

When you joint, you are able to take advantage of a wide range of benefits and advantages. We provide access to a growing pool of patients already interested in and eager to access your acupuncture services and to learn more about how you can help them heal.

We are also one of the premiere online locations for education and information about traditional Eastern medicine, including acupuncture and other treatment modalities. This allows us to position our partners as thought leaders, while strengthening their connection with their audience.

Ready to experience the difference the right partner can make? We invite you to contact us today.